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Wireless Division

TCE LLC provides services in all aspects of the TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry from design & construction, to commissioning & maintenance of OSP/Fixed Access Radio Networks and Wireless Systems.

With offices in nearly every state, TCE LLC has the ability to effectively mobilize the people, skills, and technologies our clients need to improve service to their wireless customers. We provide wireless tower site acquisition services, tower erection and cell tower maintenance services for some of the nation’s largest cellular, broadband, and digital-data providers, and we deliver solutions that maximize cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality, safety, or service.

We keep our employees up-to-date and trained in next-gen technologies and practices, and are committed to reducing negative impact on the environment. We create eco-friendly sites that minimize or eliminate the equipment hut and associated HVAC, reduce power and battery requirements, and decrease overall carbon emissions.

TCE LLC handles all private, commercial, and government wireless construction projects in-house to ensure that our clients’ needs remain the priority at every stage of cell tower development.

New Site Development

Development and construction of new wireless sites from a leased land or building to the final closed out product…


Installation of point-to-point microwave systems, pathing microwave dishes and integration of the radios.

Technology Upgrades

Removal of outdated technologies and installation of 1st through 5th carrier upgrades, 5G Technology and First-NET system for the first responders.

PIM Mitigation/Maintenance

Performing PIM Hygiene and PIM Hunting. Correcting the issue while troubleshooting to bring PIM levels to client expectations.

Field Tower Technicians

TCE’s Tower Technicians are qualified, certified, and well trained for any vertical project that requires climbing and/or rope access. Tower Technicians are equipped to perform scope of work as per highest quality and safety standards of the industry and client.

Two-Way Radio Systems

Installation of Two-Way radio systems for local authorities, power companies and private entities. This includes installation of the OMNI antennas, base stations and performing new site builds with this technology installed at the location.


We can impact your business by providing turnkey services including drive testing services, measurement services, bench-marking, post-processing, and optimization.

Fiber Division


Fixed Access Networks

Outside Plant Services (OSP)

Long Haul
Fiber Backhaul (FTTC/FTTH)
Fiber-To-The Premise
Last Mile

Technicians & Splicers

Patch Cord
Head-End Locations

Data Centers


Professional Services

Staking & Surveying
Engineering & Design
GIS Loading
Quality Control / GPS / Inspections

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