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Professional Services


Professional Services

We provide top quality telecommunications services for our clients. From the initial site layout to subsequent maintenance, TCE LLC offers a full service package for your telecommunications needs. Our team is safety-oriented and deadline driven so you know your project will get done on time, within budget and up to all required safety standards and quality specifications .

Turnkey Projects

TCE LLC provides turnkey construction services, structural analyses and tower modifications. Read More

Construction Managment

TCE LLC is committed to providing construction management services that reduce overall build costs, shorten the construction cycle and maintain a high level of quality throughout the construction process.

Site Inspections & Maintenance

TCE LLC is a well know company who performs high quality work. Our employees are experts of the national and local quality requirements for all major carriers and OEMs. We provides quality audits to customers in order to help manage installation quality and prevent mistakes of installation crews. We also provide services such as Site Mapping, Structural/Quality Audits & Analysis, Modification Design & Detailing, 3rd Party Auditing, etc.

Warehouse & Logistics

Management of warehouse and logistics is of high importance for project success. TCE LLC has contracts with multiple warehouses and logistics companies. We can offer warehouse space that meets customer requirements (location, space, price, etc.). Along with partners, we can offer logistic services if you need to transport materials and equipment on a very short notice. Let us know and the job will be done.

Emergency Response/Recovery Efforts

TCE LLC promptly responds to emergency requests and is a part of recovery efforts due to natural or man made disasters.

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