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Path Alignment

TCE LLC offers a variety of microwave services including upgrading, alignment, troubleshooting and pathing of all types of microwave services.  Our experience and equipment ensure the proper alignment of new dishes and obtaining the absolute minimum RSL’s on your paths.

TCE LLC is experienced in high-capacity point-to-point systems as well as IP/Ethernet backhaul and WiMax and DAS systems. Whether you need to install a new microwave system or are looking to upgrade or align an existing microwave system, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

Accuracy is very important for service quality.  Cell site antenna shooting distance is from 1 mile to 45 miles. Even a 1 degree error can effect coverage to a few miles. All these changes will influence the service KPI. That’s way TCE offers to get job done exactly as was counted on by RF engineers. We use a variety of antenna alignment tools because not all brackets work perfectly for every antenna manufacturer. To prevent larger measuring errors we use the most appropriate tool for  each specific antenna.   We also work together with the antenna alignment tool manufacturers to order specific brackets for uncommon antennas.