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New Site Development

Wireless Division

New Site Development

TCE will begin the first phase of any project by walking site locations. With our vast knowledge of the industry we work together with our client during site visits to outline the best feasible solution for design, construction, implementation and commissioning for the project. Once accepted our team will secure any necessary permits and schedule the work. We will then deploy heavy equipment and perform all of the construction services from access roads, tower and shelter foundations and compound build outs, to stacking the towers, pulling in new electrical service, adding the telecommunications equipment and commissioning the final product. In-house Close Out Department provides our clients with detailed close out packages once the projects are completed. 

Our company places high priority on safety, integrity and customer service, recognizing that satisfied customers are the key ingredients in our business success. We work hard to constantly maintain and improve the technological skills that are vital to the continually growing TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry.

TCE provides development and construction of new wireless sites from a leased land or building to the final product, including, but not limited to the following services:


Tree & Shrub Removal

Access Road & Compound Installation

Tower/Shelter Foundations

Electrical/Civil Series

Shelter Setting

Tower Stacking

Steel Works

Line & Antenna

Commissioning & Integration

Close Out documentation

TCE LLC provides quality work pertaining to the erection, installation, maintenance and demolition of towers and sites in the cellular, broadcast and wireless industries. 

We have erected or developed all types of communication structures, such as:

  • Guyed Towers
  • Monopole Towers
  • Self-Support Towers
  • Stealth & Flag Poles
  • Watertanks/Silos
  • Steeples
  • Rooftops