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Wireless Division


Installation of point-to-point microwave systems, pathing microwave dishes and integration of the radios. 

Quality, safety, structural integrity, reliability, and aesthetics are all key elements to successful microwave antenna system deployment efforts. Each system is specifically impacted by: plumb and structurally sound mounts, number, type, placement of stiff arms, clean waveguide routes and proper bending radius, proper connector installation, dish assembly, rigging, proper grounding, and pressurization. TCE LLC crews have been trained internally and by other manufacturers. We are never too “good” to learn and our entire staff is kept up-to-date on the latest manufacturer specifications and training requirements. Your requirements and specifications are also always considered

Trademarks of a TCE LLC microwave installation:

A Documented Product

Reliable System

Appealing Aesthetics

Satisfied Site Owner

Clean Site

Sweep testing is always performed whether required or not.¬†Properly trained technicians use Anritsu analyzers to sweep coax, waveguide, and antennas. Our crew supervisors, leads, technicians, and project managers are all skilled in basic link budget calculations, and every hop has a complete engineering as-built identifying expected RSL’s based on actual site and equipment parameters. Path alignments are then performed using several methods, such as signal generators, spectrum analyzers, path boxes, or simply utilizing known AGC curves and actual system radios. All alignments are validated with the as-built engineering, actual sweeps, and test equipment readings. Antenna centerlines are provided using tape-drops for all dish installations. A comprehensive installation report including photos, engineering as-builts, and all test/alignment results are also standard deliverables provided by TCE.