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Fiber / Telco

TCE LLC provides turnkey solutions for fiber network construction, engineering and installation needs. We focus on creating a bridge between the wireless and wire-line industries. We offer cost effective design and installation services in conformity with the latest industry standards. Our technicians work for a diverse group of commercial customers and are committed to exceeding their expectations. We ensure every project is handled with professionalism and care

With every project we:

Conduct a thorough site survey prior to network placement— the purpose of a site survey is to recognize circumstances or locations in need of special attention such as physical hazards like high temperatures. Additionally, building code regulations like the National Electric Code (NEC) must be considered. If there are issues regarding local building codes or regulations, TCE assures they will be addressed to prior to project start.

Develop a fiber installation plan— a fiber installation plan communicates the considerations noted during the site survey to the installation team. This includes logistics of network equipment, location of intermediate access points, splice locations and specific responsibilities of each member of the installation team

Follow proper procedures— our knowledgeable technicians follow all appropriate steps to ensure project safety, compliance and success.

Document the installation— Fiber pre- and post- installation test data will be recorded in an orderly and logical fashion to ensure future trouble-shooting and upgrading will be simplified.

Additionally, our core assets offer the highest level of service and experience to broadband industries, this includes:

Satellite/terrestrial/fiber operator staffing

Fiber and microwave back-haul implementations

Fiber fusion splicing and testing

Full documentation and engineering

Testing and certification

Emergency fiber/coax repair

System audit and maintenance

The reputation of TCE LLC for professionalism and excellence has been obtained through trusted relationships with our valued customers. We would like to provide you with that service as well.